Why Do I need STAINMASTER Carpet

Beforeselecting carpets for your family, you must consider many factors that playinto your lifestyle.? Do you have kids and pets? ?Carpeting is a hugeinvestment and you need to choose the most durable product to last for manyyears to come.? STAINMASTER carpet is one of today?s most durable, easy toclean carpets on the market. The durability of your carpet depends on findingthe right balance of three factors: fiber, twist and density.

To make acarpet, natural or synthetic fiber is converted to yarn and tufted, orlocked into a backing to form the pile or surface you walk on. The five majortypes of carpet fiber are nylon 6,6; nylon 6; polypropylene (olefin); polyesterand wool.

The twistof the carpet describes the winding of the yarn on itself. The tighter thetwist, the more the carpet will resist changes in appearance and texture.

Density is the amount of pilein the carpet and how close the tufts are to one another. Check density bypressing your fingers on the carpet and trying to reach the backing. You canalso bend the carpet into a ?U? shape to see how much backing shows. The lessyou see, the more dense the carpet.

There aremany styles to choose from:?

TruSoft: is the softestSTAINMASTER carpet available.? It is also exceptionally durable and veryeasy to clean.

ActiveFamily: ?Exceptionally durable and easy to clean makes it the ultimatechoice for a very active family.?

Activefamily comes in 3 different fibers: ?Luxerell? offers a natural look, with an exceptionallysoft touch?Tactesse? provides a wide spectrum of luster and feel?ExtraBody II? provides a rich, thicker hand

SolarMax:? resist fading even in intense sunlight. It is also extremelydurable and easy to clean.

Essentials: certified to providestain and soil protection every day at a great value.

AllSTAINMASTER? carpets feature lifetime* warranty protection against:? ?All food and beveragestains ? no exclusions?Pet urine stains?Soiling?Static shock

STAINMASTER?carpet also carries limited warranties** covering: ?Abrasive wear caused byfoot traffic?Texture loss due to carpet tufts losing their twist.

STAINMASTER?carpet warranties require steam cleaning or hot water extraction by a carpetcare professional at least every 18 months.? You will always want to remove thestain as soon as possible, but with the protection of STAINMASTER? carpet youcan remove most stains even after 24 hours. Of course, it depends on what typeof stain it is as to whether it can be removed after a certain time haselapsed. Repeated attempts at stain removal and/or seeking the assistance of acarpet cleaning professional may be necessary in certain circumstances.