Why Buy Pet Protect from Stainmaster

Great news for pet owners!? Stainmaster makes a carpet and pad system that is just for you.? It is called Stainmaster Pet protect, and is made to resist moisture ? for those times your pet has an accident. I hear a sigh of relief from those whose job it is to clean up those messes!??

If you are one who recently welcomed a new puppy into your home, you know it takes time, effort and diligence before he/she is house-broken!? This means clean-up time for each of those accidents!? Until that time, these carpet and padding combination have a moisture barrier, so that moisture does not reach and soak through the padding.? This is especially important, since we all know that once moisture gets to the pad, and moisture soaks down to the floor, it is almost impossible to fully clean that area of carpeting/padding.?

If you own a kitten/cat, and they are much easier to be litter-box trained.? So for a short period of time, you may have to clean up their accidents too. ?This carpeting would come to the rescue again!

Other advantages are that this carpet reduces pet odor.? Cat and dog owners will be glad to hear about this!? So often, even when the accident is cleaned up, there is still a residual odor for a few days.? As a recent TV commercial says, you and your family have gone ?nose blind?!? So instead, when you and any of your guests step into your home, the first smell will not be pet odor, or even the cleaner odor.

This specialty-developed carpet makes it easier to vacuum your pet hairs from the carpet.? Many times when vacuuming carpet, the top layer of pet hairs come up, but there are other pet hairs that are slightly weaved into the carpet that do not come up.? This carpet?s construction resists the pet hairs that would normally be stuck into the weaving.? So that, when you vacuum, instead of a partially clean carpet, it will actually be clean.

Often, after cleaning up a pet accident with a carpet cleaner, that area is susceptible to fading to a lighter color.? The peroxide in the cleaner is bleaching the carpet wherever you?re cleaning it.? This carpet is developed to resist carpet fading, even in places where spot-cleaning is needed.? Logically, even if there is a human-made spill, this too would be easily cleaned.? So when considering new carpeting, I recommend you try this Stainmaster Pet Protect carpet!