What is the Difference Between Binding and Serging a Carpet

If you haveever sewn before, the two techniques of finishing the edges of carpets and rugswill be familiar to you. However, therewould be no way you could finish the edges of rugs/carpets with the equipmentyou have at home. It would simply be toohard to go through the bulk of them. Andthe other tools needed, such as thread and binding used on making clothes orother projects, simply would not be big enough or heavy enough tosatisfactorily accomplish this task.

When a binding is professionally attached to arug, there are specified tools and machines that are used. Because carpets andrugs are so heavyweight, the sewing machine, serging equipment, binding tape,serging yarn, ?thread?, bobbins and needles must also be very heavyweight.

The edges ofthe rug are finished by using a heavyweight binding or bias tape. Thebinding tape is wrapped around the edge of the carpet, and then sewn on withthe binding machine. This machine looksa lot like the sewing machine we would use at home, only with much heaviercapabilities. The width of the bindingis usually ?? to 1 ??, and usually the color of the most dominant color of thecarpet/rug.

Whenchoosing which type of binding to use, the employee will choose between acotton or synthetic binding tape, thread or yarn. He/she will make this decision by making noteof the material used to create the carpet or rug. Cotton binding would be used on the naturalcotton or wool-based carpet/rug, but nylon or polyester supplies would be usedif the rug/carpet is synthetic.

If a rug orcarpet is serged, the technique ismuch different than binding it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Onf2VvjuWIo Instead, a ?whip stitch? isused. Again if you have sewed yourself,this is a very familiar stitch. The yarnor thread is continuously and tightly wrapped around the carpet edge with aspecial heavyweight sewing machine. Thewidth of this serging is usually 3/8?, and will also match or blend in with thecolor of the carpet/rug.

SandyHenderson, owner of Rug Rats, has an informative post at https://rugratsva.com/binding-and-serging-an-area-rug/ showing pictures of the difference between bound and serged edges. Her article states her preference is theserging method. She points out that arearugs or carpets may be repaired at a fraction of the cost that would be neededto buy another rug! Either technique, Ithink the edges are beautiful!

Bob Wagner?sFuzzy Side Up has an article which also shows informative pictures of bound andserged carpet edges. Along with thesepictures, he has pictures of the products and machines used to finish therugs/carpets. He comments that thedifference between bound and serged edges is a matter of preference. He also points out that binding tape comes ina huge array of colors, along with different widths. Beautiful!

Now you mayvisit your favorite flooring store and walk in with knowledgeable facts of thedifference between binding and serged carpets and rugs!

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