Trick or Treat Carpet Install

In this Marketing Age... Companies might as well say "Trick or Treat" before trying to explain their outrageous claim of Free Install.
Many companies have chosen to make things appear different than they are. Some stores have their so-called "free" carpet installation that lured you in, but you may not end up with Free Installation...
I can tell you in reality no one works with out pay! There is a true cost to have an expert installer provide professional installation services.
I will admit that I run promotions that have installation included... but of course it is wrapped up into the total price of carpet and pad purchased. I do this because sometimes it is easier to see a complete price vs three or four individual prices.
When you are shopping for a complete carpet job always look at the bottom line total, it will be the actual sum of materials and installation to complete your project. I hope you will allow Flooring Galaxy provide you with a complete carpet pricing on your next project.