Top trending luxury vinyl flooring patterns

Top trending luxury vinyl flooring patterns

This is the time of creativity and self-expression on the floor. Nothing inspires the imagination like luxury vinyl flooring (LVF).

This material offers incredibly realistic wood, stone, and tile looks. They are clear, vibrant, and accurate, displaying knots, grains, veining variations, and other characteristics.

LVF is cut into two forms. Luxury vinyl plank is mainly associated with hardwood. It's also cut in square, tile-sized pieces that echo stone and tile looks.

The following patterns are created with a vinyl plank, LVP, or squares.

The herringbone pattern

This pattern replicates the bone structure of a fish. In the 1970s, you couldn't blink without seeing it, and it was the original parquet pattern.

It got quiet for a while, and now it's come back a big way. Herringbone and chevron (It looks like arrows) patterns are currently trending.

Random Width floors

These are groups of three planks. They each have different widths.

These create unique layouts. They often even visually enlarge the space.

Can you create patterns with luxury vinyl tile?

These can be mixed and matched to create custom patterns, such as checkerboards, staggered diagonals, and basketweaves. Also, remember you can use LVT to create mimics of wood look tiles.

These should all be done by a professional installer. Both vinyl plank and the tile-sized pieces are easy to cut but need accuracy to get the right angles.

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