To Let Them Roam Without Boundaries

"The majority of households in the U.S. have pets, and many of those pet parents consider their pets to be part of the family?and they want those family members by their side as much as possible.

There are people that let their animals have the run of the house, so Carpet with STAINMASTER? PetProtect? which has built-in stain resistance, offers great peace of mind because pets don?t have to abide by boundaries.

If you do not set boundaries for your pets you will Love this new Technology since freedom is not only enjoyable for people; it?s a plus for pets as well.

Letting pets roam throughout the house is good for them, says Irith Bloom, a certified behavior consultant with The Sophisticated Dog in West Los Angeles. She says that if you shut away pets, it can be stressful for them?even for cats.

?A cat likes to see what?s going on; they like to spend part of your day with you,? she says. Cats can go a little stir-crazy and, she adds, when they pounce on you as you walk by, ?that?s because they?re desperate to play.?

Keeping dogs out of some rooms in the house may also make house-training more confusing for them. ?You think you?re teaching them to go outside, but what the dog is really learning is, ?These rooms [that they?re allowed in] are home, and outside [those rooms] isn?t home,?? says Bloom, who writes and speaks at seminars about dog behavior. ??We don?t go to the bathroom at home because we like to keep our home clean.??

But excluding dogs from some rooms means that they don?t consider those areas ?home.? ?If there are rooms dogs aren?t allowed into, often they?re choosing those rooms to have accidents in because they don?t see those rooms as part of their home,? Bloom says. ?I tell my clients to let the dogs in all rooms, because it reduces the odds of an accident.?"

Having no boundaries can still look good

"Not only do many people want their pets throughout their home, but some even decorate around their pets, incorporating furniture such as end tables with litter boxes built in or sofas with built-in pet areas.

?Pet decorating is trending right now,? says Certified Interior Decorator Susan Hayes of Re-Feather Your Nest Decorating in Mt. Freedom, New Jersey. ?They want to create comfortable places for their pet?without it looking like a pet lives there.

?I also see millennials getting a puppy as a ?trial baby? or getting furniture to accommodate a future puppy. It?s key to their design plan.? Hayes has STAINMASTER? carpet in her home and says she recommends PetProtect? to clients as the best carpet for pets."

As we have less time to do our chores, with our busy lifestyles and our animals and children. From there, she finds out what the customer?s first priority is: stains, cleanability, color, softness, etc. and for most, stains are at the top of the list. Which usually, this pertains to pets in particular, because they bring stuff in on their feet and have accidents.

?PetProtect? will can clean well, and that?s the No. 1 thing: Pets make messes and they?re hard to clean up, so it?s been a hit.?