Luxury Vinyl Flooring or better known as LVT

LVT or (Luxury Vinyl Tile), In it's simplest form is vinyl flooring which offers
higher definition?printing technology which adds depth and realism, durability,
with a high performance wear surface (the part you walk on) to a vinyl tile product.

LVT offers patterns that have the appearance of woods, stones or ceramic tile, this product group has especially popoular with the ability to have a floating (unattached) LVT floors.

One of the greatest benefits of LVT is that it's waterproof. Other features like Scratch and Dent resistance allow this to be a floor for every room of your home.

Watch Video on LVT Differences .

Don't get caught up in the acronyms, ie: LVT, (luxury vinyl Tile), LVP (luxury vinyl Plank), Rigid core (the inner layer to make the floor more dent resistant), WPC (Wood Plastic Core).
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