Cleaning Pet Stains

Best Practices to Clean Pet Stains Quickly

We?ve all been there. Clean carpet. Healthy pet. No worries. Then a few table scraps. Maybe a ribeye steak bone for your dog, or that last filet of salmon that you just couldn?t bring yourself not to let your cat enjoy. But, uh oh, you wake up in the middle of the night to your pet hacking then barfing on your pristine carpet. Or you napped a little too long over the weekend, forgot to walk them, and they just couldn?t hold it and peed on your favorite rug.

If you don?t have Pet Protect on your floors, then puppy accidents can be frustrating. Ah, the joys of pet ownership! With a little help, though, you can easily clean some of the most common messes without too much effort. Most accidents need to be tended to within 30 minutes they?ve taken place, otherwise they?re more likely to cause long-term staining.

Cleaning Pee Stains

Even though you may have trained your furry friend to no end, accidents will still happen. They get sick, their stomachs get upset just like ours, and when they need to go, they need to go. What you need to know are some simple and easy tips for cleaning up that will maintain the look and smell of your space and not hinder any home improvement plans you have. Once dry, the smell will settle into the fibers of the carpet and it becomes more difficult to remedy.

First thing to do is, absorb the urine with either a spare towel or a few layers of paper towels. Apply pressure to the towels so they soak into the carpet and capture as much of the wetness as possible. Right after that, concoct a mixture that contains two cups of vinegar, two cups of warm water, and four tablespoons of baking soda. Put the mixture into a spray bottle and spritz generously on the affected area. Let it sit for at least five to ten minutes.

Once that?s done, blot the soiled spot with a soft dry cloth. For larger stains, sprinkle baking soda directly on the stain for the best cleaning outcome. Pour a 50/50 combination of vinegar and water on the area and let stand for five minutes before blotting it with a dry cloth.

Cleaning Up Vomit

The trick to cleaning up vomit from carpet is speed. That?s because the acid in vomit can ruin the carpet surface really fast. So the key is to identify and address it as soon as you can. Use some sort of scooping device, preferably a dustpan, to remove the majority of the ofal. Once the majority of the vomit content has been removed, use a towel?cloth or paper?to clean up the wetness. Again, create the cleaning mixture that is right for the job: in this case: two cups of warm water, one tablespoon of salt, one tablespoon of dish soap, and a half-cup of vinegar. Dip a soft rag or sponge into the combined liquids and clean the blighted area.

Make sure that you blot lightly. Continue this process until you don?t see any more discoloration or grime from the stain. Once the stain has been cleaned, remove the cleaning solutions by using a water-soaked cloth on the area. After that, dry with a towel.

An alternate idea: Create a solution in a bowl with a half-cup of hydrogen peroxide and one teaspoon of liquid dish detergent. Douse the affected area with baking soda before applying the liquid. Immediately after that step, douse the stained area where you applied the baking soda with the liquid mixture. Use a soft-bristled brush or cloth to lightly scrub the area. Allow for ten minutes or even longer if the vomit has already dried. Use a dry towel to remove as much of the wetness as possible and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove any excess liquid or debris from the area. If it?s a serious stain, repeat the steps at least twice.

This basic and easy technique for removing pet stains and odor on carpet ensures that you?re using natural and non-chemical products that most households have, or should have, in our pantries or cupboards. They work just as well or better than branded pet-stain removers that you would buy at the store, without employing any foreign agents that could hurt your decor or home improvement projects. These are the best and easiest ways to remove pet stains from your carpet.

How Natural Remedies Will Remove Pet Stains

Not only will store-bought cleaners possibly damage your floors and cause discoloration, they can also expose precious pets to possible harmful chemical agents. Our dogs and cats live much of their lives close to the floor?much more than we do?and that means they are exposed to dangerous chemicals that could affect them more than us.

When the next incident happens and your kitty or puppy has an accident and leaves a mess in your house, try these pet-friendly cleaning methods and give us some feedback on your satisfaction level about how well it worked at removing the stains and odor from your carpet.

An extra tidbit: These stain and odor-remover tips also work well for food incidents, as well as cleaning and deodorizing without leaving any unwanted marks on your carpet.

Before you give it a try, test these pet-stain-removing techniques on a remote section of your carpet to make sure it won?t discolor the area.

How to be Prepared for Removing Pet Stains

  • ? Paper towels or cloth towels (paper towels perform best)
  • ? White vinegar, water, and dish soap
  • ? Baking soda (and time for the baking soda to absorb any smell)
  • ? A simple vacuum

Number 1: Dab, don?t apply too much pressure

For the best results, if you want to get poop stains out of carpet, gently use paper towels to pat the stain until it?s dry. Any kind of rubbing of the stain will spread it, and it will become permanent, which means you?ll have to rearrange your furniture to cover the stain. Simply dabbing the accident spot with a towel will produce the best results.

Make sure you have plenty of fresh towels. When a handful is no longer soaking up the urine, then definitely start again with a dry batch.

Keep soaking up the stain until the spot is dry.

Number 2: Apply Vinegar

Combine the fifty percent white vinegar and water mixture in a spray bottle or small bucket. Cover the soiled area with this solution, and make sure you clean to the base of the flooring.

These tips will help you when cleaning, and it will ensure it doesn?t impede your home improvement. If you follow these instructions, you will remove the pet stain without any harm to your carpet. If the stain is especially pesky, you can count on the vinegar to neutralize the ammonia odor of the urine, which will return your carpet to its original state.

The key to cleaning and removing the odor is to make sure you soak up all the wetness and clean deep into the fibers below the carpet surface.

(In case of particularly bad smells or stains, use a one hundred percent vinegar solution.)

Number 3: Apply Baking Soda or Vinegar. Let it settle and dry.

As soon as possible, while the spot is still wet, coat the area with baking soda and the vinegar mixture. Immediately you?ll hear a fizzing sound and crackle as the solution extracts the pet stain and urine smell from the carpet. For the best results, rub in the baking soda with your hands or a scrub brush to make sure to get deep into the carpet fibers.

Let the baking soda settle on the carpet until it?s totally dry. It may take a couple days, or maybe as short as a single night. It all depends on how much vinegar and water mixture you applied and the temperature of your home.

When the baking soda has completely dried, vacuum your carpet with at a normal speed, and surprise-surprise, your carpet will be free of pet accident odor and discoloration.

Number 4: Recap of pet cleaning tips to protect home improvement:

  • ? Speed Matters: The quicker you address the situation, the less the urine will soak into the padding beneath the carpet. If that happens, it may be almost impossible to get it out. If you don?t react fast, you may need to replace the carpet or hire a professional carpet care specialist to employ water extraction techniques to save your carpet.
  • ? Avoid Steam Cleaners: Steam cleaners are not the solution to cleaning pet stains. Heat from the machine can actually ?attach the protein from the urine and bond it to the carpet fibre?, which will make the stain and smell permanent.
  • ? Removing Pet Stains: It may seem like a no-brainer, but do not try any ammonia-based cleaners or other chemicals that have a strong odor when cleaning pet urine on carpets, as they will not cover the odor?and may actually incentivise your dog to mark that spot again.
  • ? Urine Odor Removal from Carpet: The best and most effective odor-eliminator is baking soda. It does the same work as it does for those nasty smells in the fridge. If you use baking soda for your pet accidents and wait fifteen minutes (or a bit longer for more serious accidents), then vacuum, your problem will be gone.
  • ? Store-bought Pet Stain Removers: Do yourself a favor. Use all-natural, enzyme-based cleaning products. They are not only the best alternative method, they are eco-friendly and pet-friendly. The enzymes in the natural solutions actually digest the stain and eliminate the odor-causing proteins in the pet urine.