How to warm up your Home this winter

Winter is almost here, and as your gearing up your home to keep it warm during the frigid months. With experts predicting a wetter-than-usual winter this year in St. Louis, having a warm home is more important than ever for millions of families in the country. Having a warm home is essential for health and comfort, but what do you do when your floors are ice-cold? Even winter people will agree that stepping on a cold floor on a chilly winter morning can be uncomfortable and annoying. While wearing socks is a viable solution to this inconvenience, families with young children will find having cold floors a serious problem, especially if they have toddlers or babies who are just learning to crawl or walk. For these reasons, it?s crucial to find ways to warm your floors this winter for the health and comfort of everyone in the family, and the best way to do that is to pick the ideal flooring for certain areas of your home. To warm up your floors this winter, consider the following flooring options.

Warm Home

Other flooring options include Carpet tiles
Laying down carpet tiles in assorted colors and patterns is one way to keep your floors warm this winter. You can have carpet tiles in high traffic areas such as hallways as they?re easier to clean than a big carpet or area rug. Carpet tiles are also durable and is one of the quickest ways to spruce up a home.

Slate flooring

Keeping your bathroom warm and cozy can be done in several ways. First, make sure that your electric or gas-powered tankless water heater is in good condition so you don?t have to endure a cold shower on a freezing winter morning. Second, make sure that your bathroom is free of drafts. And third, replace your ceramic tiles with slate flooring. Slate is warmer underfoot than tiles, making it very comfortable to stand on while taking a shower in winter. It?s also less slippery than ceramic tiles, making it a safer flooring option for families with young children, and having a safe floor is also an important element of bathrooms for the elderly.

Carpets and area rugs

A carpet and a few area rugs can help you update your living room on a budget, and these are undeniably warm and comfortable underfoot, especially if you choose plush ones. There are different types of carpet to choose from, so pick one that best suits your design aesthetics and make sure that it covers most of your living room floor for maximum comfort. When choosing an area rug, consider the color, pattern, and size as this type of floor covering can infuse some interest into a room while giving your floor some much-needed warmth this winter.

This winter, think of practical ways to warm up your home. Keep your floors warm and make your floor Safe by choosing the right flooring and floor coverings to make your space comfy and cozy during the cold months.