How to maintain your Carpet

Did you know regular vacuuming also prolongs the life of your carpet? It does!?

Nothing dulls the appearance of a new carpet faster than soiling from outside dirt and everyday living. That's why carpet Manufacturers equip carpets with soil and stain treatments. Carpet stain treatments keep dirt from clinging to the carpet fibers so it?s easier to vacuum. Always keep the carpet cleaned and maintained according to?guidelines established by?the Carpet and Rug Institute.

So,?What vacuum do I need to use on?my new carpet so my?warranty is not?voided?

While the use of a non-approved vacuum will not void your warranty, using approved vacuum cleaner?will extend the life of your carpet and improve the indoor air quality in your home.?

We strongly recommend the use of Carpet and Rug Institute approved vacuum cleaners. You?ll find a list?here.