How to Choose Furniture to Go with Your New Hardwood Floors

How to Choose Furniture to Go with Your New Hardwood Floors

Ready to update your home in a way that lasts decades? Invest in hardwood because it is one of the most coveted flooring options due to its beauty, elegance, and longevity. This high-end flooring is available in some wood types with grain patterns and stains to meet all design preferences. But, what furniture matches the hardwood you?ve chosen?

Pieces to Match Dark Hardwood

For home with a bunch of family heirlooms, dark hardwood may be the right choice for you. Dark wood is sophisticated, rich, and chic. It goes well with elaborate designs, focal walls and decorative indoor water features. Some tips for selecting pieces to match dark hardwood include:

?Choose Cloth Furniture with Legs that Match Your Flooring

?Choose Tables, Chests, and Drawers At Least Two Shades Lighter Than the Floors

?Multiple Types of Wood, Even in One Room

?Paint the Walls with Light Colors to Add Vibrancy to the Room

?Use Dark Rugs with Light Furniture

?Mix Colors and Materials with Marble, Bronze, and Wood All in One Space

Options for Light Hardwood

If you are drawn to light hardwood for your home or office, create the space of your dreams with furniture to enhance your style. Homes with lighter woods are easy to make bright, airy, and stylish. Tactics for selecting d?cor and furniture to match your new light hardwood floors should include:

?Add Sleek or Modern Furniture, Appliances, and Backsplashes

?Mix All Types of Wood, Light and Dark, in One Room

?Balance the Color of Wood with Soft Colors and Area Rugs

?Paint Your Walls Bold, Modern, or Bright Colors

?Treat Your Wood Floor as A Neutral Base for All Design

?Incorporate Painted Pieces in With Your Furniture

Sticking to Grays? Try These Pieces

Hardwood stained with a gray color is more attractive than ever. One of the biggest advantages of a gray flooring is the option to match nearly every color to it. White and painted furniture looks excellent with gray hardwood. If you love to change your d?cor on a regular basis, grays might be right for you. This flooring is the right canvas for beachy homes, modern looks, and even muted, masculine spaces.

Pull Together Your Design with Hardwood

Once you?ve decided to purchase new hardwood floors, it is time to consider the furniture you will incorporate in the space. Your style can shine through, no matter the color of flooring you select.

Photo by Jolene Hardy on Unsplash