10 Ideas For Amazing Home Flooring Makeovers

If you are seeking to refresh the look of your home's interior, you have no farther to look than under your own feet. Changing up your home flooring can give your entire living space a dramatic new look.

Here are ten exciting ways to change the look of your home from the bottom up.

1. Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles offer so many advantages, even though they do require a slightly higher investment. This luxurious home flooring option is less absorbent and more durable than ceramic tiles.

These tiles show less wear and tear from chipping or stains, so are recommended for high traffic areas.

2. Reclaimed wood

New hardwood floors can be finished to create the popular look of distressed wood.

This saves you the cost associated with reclaiming and restoring salvaged materials, while still giving the appearance of antique, hand-hewn flooring.

3. Gold

After years of beige's and greys dominating the palettes of top interior designers, shades of gold are coming back into style.

This color is becoming popular again for both rugs and wood flooring options because of the warmth it brings to interior spaces.

4. Large tiles

One popular trend in home flooring is toward larger ceramic tiles. Instead of the standard 12 by 12 size, designers are noting a preference for bigger tiles: up to 24 x 12 inches.

5. Carpeting

Improved technology is helping to revive carpeting, a floor trend that had been on the wan for over a decade. Carpets are now softer and more environmentally friendly than our parents' were.

A renewed interest in the fashions of the 70s has also revived interest in cut and loop carpets, with their bold geometric designs.

6. Area rugs

Changing your area rug can give your room a whole new look, from the classic style associated with Turkish or Middle Eastern style designs, to the contemporary patterns of the 60s and 70s.

7. Cork

Cork's soft surface is a more comfortable tread than concrete, wood or tile. If you are a planning a music room or studio in your house, cork offers superior acoustic insulation as well.

Cork is comparatively more delicate than other materials, but new factory finishes have improved its durability.

8. Concrete

If you are looking for a utilitarian and modern home flooring, concrete is a hot trend. It adapts to any decor because it comes in many colors and finishes.

While concrete may not be the most forgiving surface on your feet, one of its benefits is that it is an economical choice if the foundation of the floors of your home already uses it.

9. Vinyl

Technology has improved so much that vinyl, the flooring material with the bad rap, now hot again.

Vinyl now can offer an attractive, adaptable alternative in home flooring. It can mimic the look of marble or wood at a fraction of the cost, and is much easier to cut to fit into custom spaces.

10. Bamboo

Bamboo is considered environmentally friendly, easy to maintain and durable. It's also not too expensive.

For homeowners seeking a "green" option that doesn't damage the environment or the wallet, bamboo is a perfect choice.

Home Flooring: A Whole New Look

Nothing is more often overlooked than the materials beneath your feet, and yet a few changes to your home's floor can be enough to change everything about its overall aesthetic. Talk to an expert about how a new floor could give your home a total makeover.

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